Saturday, March 28, 2015

BPS-Country Christmas RECOLORS

Happiest Holidays!! I have recolored a country christmas livingroom for my friends at BPS. Included in the livingroom :rug~ mirror~ drapes~ 3 gift wrapped gifts~ 4 wallstickers~ painted deco doors~ floor paintings~ asst'd couch pillows~ coffee table~ fabric pears in a bowl~ fireplace facade{place over existing fireplace}~ armchair~ couch~ cabinet & COLLECTION FILE to help you find all this stuff!!
All meshes by the following brilliant meshers are included: CTNuttmegger, sims in paris, adele, crowridgestudio, jope from simply stying, echo, aikea guinea, kate from parsimonious, sandy from ats & billyjean. Thank you all so much for your gifts all year long!!

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